Health Check: Children craft friendship bracelets for critically ill boy, family

MAVRIK PKG_frame_2895.jpg

A community is rallying behind a 6-year-old boy.

His name is Mavrik Mask and he is a kindergartner at Hamilton School in North Kingstown.

"He has a big personality for a little guy," said his teacher, Tara Apperson. "We like to say he's like the mayor of the school."

"I met him at recess on the first day of school," said 8-year-old Annabelle “Annie” Connerton. "I liked that he was always happy and he loved to dance and play."

That's when Annie and Mavrik became friends.

But five weeks ago, he didn't show up for school.

Annie was worried.

When she found out he was critically ill at Hasbro Children's Hospital, she said she decided to “make me and him matching friendship bracelets."

So she made two friendship bracelets -- one for her and another for Mavrik.

Then, she made more, including for each of his family members.

And then Annie's mom got involved. What she learned broke her heart.

"This child has been through seven months in the NICU as a baby (and underwent) three heart surgeries,” said Kathleen Connerton. “He recently had his entire heart reconstructed and he lost his father. They've been in shelters. And prior to him getting sick with sepsis and losing his feet to amputation, their car caught fire."

That's when Annie, along with her friend Reese Davies, and their entire school community and beyond, got in to the act, selling friendship bracelets for $2 each. They've made a lot of them.

"A thousand," said Annie.

They continue to weave the bracelets with love for Mavrik, his mom, Johanna, and his five siblings.

"The amount of people who care about Mavrik has really given his mom and his family hope,” said Apperson.

There is a Facebook page set up for Mavrik, as well as a GoFundMe page.

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