Health Check: Hybrid facelift procedure

Kim Ziegelmayer opted for a hybrid facelift procedure. (WJAR)

Kim Ziegelmayer never thought she'd be undergoing a cosmetic procedure.

"I'm kind of a natural, down-to-earth person," said Ziegelmayer.

But when she looked in the mirror, she found herself saying, "Dang, I don't feel this old, so I don't want to look this old."

She she opted for something new: a hybrid facelift.

"No knife in her combo procedure at all. No stitches," said Dr. Patrick Sullivan, a cosmetic plastic surgeon in Providence.

It involves the new Silhouette InstaLift procedure, which Sullivan said involves tiny plastic cones connected by long suture material that is inserted into her face with fine instruments to give her face that lift. But, there’s more.

"Her concern is that she's looking sad when she's not,” said Sullivan. “She feels all this jowly tissue is making her look older than she feels on the inside."

Sullivan uses fat from her thigh area to fill in her face where it needs for fullness. He removes fat from other facial areas, all with fine needles he developed. Sullivan calls this the LAST procedure. LAST, an acronym.

"The L is for the lift that she was able to get. And then as you go to the A, that's for the addition, in the chin area and filled in the areas where so many people deflate. And then the S is for subtraction. We subtracted out her jowls. And the T is for tone," Sullivan said.

Two weeks later, a noticeable difference.

"Those very unhappy jowls are pretty much gone and I'm really excited about that," said Ziegelmayer. "And I've also had a couple of people that didn't know that I had the procedure say, 'You look younger.' So, that was very exciting."

The down time for this procedure is a couple of days. Sullivan said most of the work done is permanent.

The Silhouette InstaLift is not permanent. The sutures dissolve over time, in about a year and a half or so.

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