Health Check: Kindness Rocks Project

Josephine Lavoie, a 7-year-old girl from Somerset with a rare and mysterious syndrome, has taken on a Kindness Rocks Project. (WJARO

The Kindness Rocks Project was created by a Cape Cod woman two years ago and has quickly spread internationally.

In our area, a 7-year-old girl from Somerset with a rare and mysterious syndrome has taken on the project.

Her name is Josephine Lavoie. But she has an official title too.

"Tiny Miss Massachusetts," said her mom, Amy Lavoie.

This 7-year-old is Tiny Miss Massachusetts for Princess of America.

As Tiny Miss Massachusetts, she's big in to volunteering, bringing the Kindness Rocks Project to Somerset, where she lives.

"You get to put rocks all around town, and you have to be secret," said Josephine.

And these rocks -- so far more than 50 of them -- can be found anywhere

"All the elementary schools, grocery stores," said her mom.

The first one was placed at Kim Ferrara’s home, founder of Wiggle Kids in Swansea, where Josephine attends drumming and yoga classes.

"I came home from vacation and found a rock in my yard and it says, 'gratitude,'" said Ferrara.

Something you can’t see is that Josephine is living with a rare illness.

"She's got POT syndrome,” said her mom. "It's postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. Causes her to pass out. Got to keep a high salt diet to keep her from dropping."

So, Josephine is raising awareness about that, and trying to bring kindness to a new level.

"The Kindness Rocks Project is kind of a national movement and something I've always thought very passionate about," said Ferrara.

That’s why she recently held a rock painting night at her studio, community members helping to make a wide variety of inspirational, and colorful rocks.

There are others like Josephine spreading kindness through this rock project throughout our region.

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