Health Check: Living with Alzheimer's

Les Kuykendall glows when he's asked to describe his mother,Betty.

"When you hear the word 'moxie' -- that would describe my mom,"Kuykendall says.

Now, another label has been given to Betty. She's been diagnosed with dementia.

Kuykendall is one of the 15 million Americans who are caregivers for people withAlzheimer's Disease or another form of dementia.

Adding to Kuykendall's burden, he's been caring for hismother long distance.

"She wouldn't eat, but she would tell us over the phone, 'Oh yes I ate' -but she wouldn't be eating. There was no way to truly keep tabs on her,"he said.

Two new reports, one from the National Center for Health Statistics and anotherfrom the Alzheimer's Association, find the death rate from dementia hasincreased dramatically in the past decade.

The Alzheimer's Association reports one in three senior citizens dies withdementia.

Caregivers like Kuykendall provide up to 17 billion hours of unpaid care ayear, valued at $216 billion. He checks in with his mother often.

She is now living with family, but still about two hours away from him.