Health Check: RI Blood Center unveils final print in 'Season Pass' incentive program

Health Check: RI Blood Center unveils final print in 'Season Pass' incentive program. (WJAR)

The Rhode Island Blood Center announced a new incentive program Thursday.

The news came after the unveiling of the 14th and final print that will go to folks who've donated at least four times a year at the Rhode Island Blood Center as part of its Seasons Pass incentive program.

Mike Bryce created the final print.

"I call this ‘Timeless Thomas Street,’” Bryce said at the unveiling at the Blood Center.

The print, a familiar sight to many Rhode Islanders, looks down college hill towards the city.

But you may not know the one block between Benefit and North Main Streets is Thomas Street.

Bryce said his picture depicts all four seasons, beginning with spring with tulips and daffodils, then transitioning to leaves falling. Then, you breeze by a pumpkin on a stoop, then finally delicate snowflakes falling outside the Providence Art Club.

"Unbeknownst to Mike, he actually included the place where the first meeting about creating the seasons pass program fourteen years ago was," said Eric St. Peter with the Rhode Island Blood Center.

Bryce, who has a long history of donating blood, said he also worked at a hospital, which made the unveiling particularly special.

"Putting myself through art school, I worked as an orderly and was often given the task to get to the blood lab to bring blood in times of crisis to different units," said Bryce.

And while this particular program has been popular, St. Peter joked that “dedicated donors are running out wall space.”

Now, the Rhode Island Blood Center is embarking on a new rewards program that will offer choices to regular blood donors based on how often they give, from someone who gives platelets up to 24 times a year, to those who donate whole blood up to six times a year.

"They'll be from gift cards, to blood donor T-shirts and apparel," said St. Peter, who also said more than 7,000 donors are eligible for their free Seasons Pass print.

That includes anyone who has donated at least four times since last March. If you qualify, those prints can be picked up the next time you donate.

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