Health Check: RI woman finalist for Next Fitness Star

Angela Gargano is going for the gold in the fitness world. She's vying to be Women's Health magazine's Next Fitness Star. (WJAR)

A Rhode Island woman is going for the gold in the fitness world. She's vying to be Women's Health magazine's Next Fitness Star.

Her name is Angela Gargano and she believes strong looks good, but feels even better.

“Yeah, it's all about just being strong, being able to show your strength,” said Gargano. “ It's not just about lifting weights, not just about looking good, it’s about being strong. Her passion: helping others, like 10-year-old Sophia Cicerone of Cranston build her strength for sports and 47-year-old Kristin Delesesto of Scituate, get stronger. She does this through her newly relocated gym in Cranston, called AGAthletics.

She got the idea of strength training after competing as a gymnast at Rhode Island College beginning in 2008.

"And then I tore my ACL in 2010 and that kind of really opened up my eyes to the fact that I really need to be stronger throughout my entire body," said Gargano.

But it wasn't right away. This 27-year-old who graduated with a degree in biological chemistry, went on to work for a pharmaceutical company before she began taking part in fitness competitions.

"Not the normal fitness competitions where you're just body building,” she said. “I was doing the ones where you were doing full gymnastics, flipping routine."

Gargano started winning national titles, and recognition. But then she heard about Women's Health magazine's Next Fitness Star.

"One of my clients actually sent me an email and they said you really need to apply for this and I always look at things. No way," she recalled.

But she did apply anyway -- sending in video, pictures and a write up about herself and her goals -- and now is among the top five, gracing the cover of Women's Health with the other finalists.

"All the women on the cover are awesome," said Gargano.

As far as winning?

"I really feel like I already won," she said.

Here's how you can help Angela become America's Next Fitness Star. You can vote for her as many times as you'd like until Friday. Then on August 22nd, those votes along with the celebrity judge's votes will be tallied and a winner named.

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