Health Check: Tomorrow Fund helps local family

Georgia and Maggie Wettergren are both dancers.

Georgia does ballet. Maggie has a different style.

"I do hip-hop and sometimes me and friends, we make up dances," Maggie said.

And while the Wettergrens may act like your typical family, they're not.

Georgia, who's 11 years old, has been battling cancer on and off for six years. She was first diagnosed with leukemia in May 2007.

"She was really achy. She was 5 years old. We thought she had growing pains. At night, her legs would ache so much we'd have to rub them," said Tom Wettergren.

Georgia underwent two years of treatments, and her family thought she was out of the woods.

But then she relapsed in April 2011.

"(It was) worse that time. A lot more staying in the hospital," Tom Wettergren said.

Her treatments this time around were tougher to take. But you'd never know it by her positive attitude and the way she plays with her sister and mother and father.

"I try and keep up but sometimes I can't. I'm not as flexible as I used to be in ballet," Georgia said.

"To see her sick, not be able to do the things she used to do but also to see the strength that she has, you know, kids don't have the baggage with cancer that adults do. They don't think about it the same. It's something that they get," Jen Wettergren said.

Through it all, The Tomorrow Fund has been there for the family.

"People at The Tomorrow Fund, when we go to the hospital, it's like a group therapy session," Jen Wettergren said.

"They've always been steady. You could always rely on them for whatever we needed. Just the support people being there down to the things like parking at the hospital and all of the little things that you don't think about until you're in this situation," Tom Wettergren said.

The Wettergrens are just one of the many hundreds of children and their families The Tomorrow Fund has helped over the years, both emotionally and financially.

The nonprofit is hosting its 11th Annual Tomorrow Fund Stroll at 10 a.m. on Sunday in Garden City Center in Cranston.