Health Check: Your Blue Store

Health Check: Your Blue Store. (NBC 10 Photo)

Looking for a little inspiration to get you on the healthy track?

It comes by way of a 78 year-old Woonsocket woman and fitness classes being offered at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island stores. They’re called Your Blue Store.

"Blue Cross Blue Shield members can come in and take one of our 1000 fitness classes at all three locations: East Providence, Warwick and Lincoln,” said Paul Ryan, general manager of the three Blue Cross Stores in RI

"We have everything from chair yoga and meditation to zumba and butts and gutts."

So, what’s butts and guts?

“Exactly what it says,” laughed 78 year old Gloria Kelleter of Woonsocket. “Gets rid of your butt and your gutt!"

Kelleter started attending classes at the Lincoln store about three years ago.

"Yoga's what got us started," she said.

And she has remained despite the fact that before here, she didn't really do group exercise. Now, she's hooked!

"It's very social. You meet a lot of good people," said Kelleter.

"The instructors, they not only, they're all very good and very welcoming but they also like to give you..if you can't do a certain move, somebody's got a sore neck or their back isn't feeling good, they show you other ways of doing the same move and getting the same stretch out of it."

In addition to free fitness classes for members, you can make payments here and sign up for coverage.

"We're seeing an increasing amount of visits, particularly this time of year with the Medicare open enrollment period,” said Ryan. “So folks come in, they prefer the face to face contact and we will solve whatever issues folks come in with."

And when many of them come in for health coverage help, they see all the fitness options available to them, like yoga.

"I'm more flexible. Toned. Got good balance," said Kelleter who believes it’s never too late to start exercising.

"Oh and the other thing, of course, without dieting, since I've started I've lost a good twenty pounds."

And she's gained some new friends. She says you can too.

"Some people don't realize this is here and free,” said Kelleter.”Maybe somebody else will come and they help to save their own abilities, whatever they've got.

All fitness classes and services offered at the Blue Cross Blue Shield stores in Rhode Island are free of charge to local members.

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