Top Doc: Dr. Marilyn Weigner

Since 1996, Rhode Island Monthly has profiled more than three dozen specialists voted tops in their field by their peers. NBC 10 has partnered with the magazine to profile some of them.

Dr. Marilyn Weigner is a practicing cardiologist at Rhode Island Hospital.

"I grew up in Rhode Island. I went to Warwick Vets which I'm very proud of. I went to college at Brown and then I went up to Boston for about 11 years and did some training but was thrilled to have an opportunity to come back here and practice here in Rhode Island," she said.

Weigner said cardiology is a rapidly evolving field.

"It's always been a great field because there are a lot of things we can offer our patients, acutely and chronically," she said.

Charlie Lema started coming to see Weigner after his cardiologist retired about 10 years ago. He has a long history of heart disease.

"I had a heart attack when I was 26, that's young. It's very young and I had a triple bypass when I was 27 and another heart attack in 1978," he said.

"Charlie has problems that are very, very common and that cardiologists like me take care of long term. It's not just acute care that cardiologists deliver," Weigner said. "A lot of cardiology is really preventive and then secondary prevention."

Weigner loves what she does, and apparently her peers have taken notice because for the first time, she's been voted by her peers as a top cardiologist.

"It was a pleasant surprise," she said.

Lema said she's always been a top doctor in his book.

"Not only is she a good doctor, she's very compassionate," he said.

Weigner said medicine is very humbling and to get some positive feedback is nice.

Weigner was one of two cardiologists out of Rhode Island Hospital who made this year's list of Top Docs in Rhode Island Monthly. The issue will be on newsstands April 29.