Vinny Paz movie creates early Oscar buzz

"Bleed for This," the movie about the life of former boxer Vinny Paz, is getting some early Oscar buzz. (WJAR)

Little Rhody is making a big splash in Hollywood.

"Bleed for This," the movie about the life of former boxer Vinny Paz, is getting some early Oscar buzz.

The L.A. Times listed the feature film on its rundown of 10 early Oscar favorites for 2017.

"It's so cool," Paz told NBC 10 News. "I don't even know what to say about it."

His story does the talking.

From an up-and-coming boxer to a near-fatal car accident, Paz beat the odds to take home another title.

"The coolest thing that can ever happen in my life is I'm going to be such an inspirational person," Paz said. "I'm going to be the subject of drive and desire and attitude."

Local producer Chad Verdi knows how inspirational the story is. It's the reason he got into making movies.

"Vinny is bigger than life," said Verdi. "He just is. It's the greatest comeback in sports history."

The Academy loves it's boxing. From Martin Scorcese's "Raging Bull," to "Rocky," and "The Fighter," boxing stories make good movies.

"In a lot of boxing movies, there's a lot of heart that shows through," said Paz.

The film stars Miles Teller and is produced by Scorcese.

"Chad, congratulations on receiving the Sam Spiegel Independent Producer Award tonight," Scorcese told Verdi Sunday, recognizing the producer on his win of a major honor.

Verdi and Scorcese are also part of another movie receiving Oscar buzz, "Silence," which they shot in Taiwan.

But for Verdi, the Paz movie is his pride and joy.

"We didn't shoot one day outside of Rhode Island," Verdi said. "That was my dream. That was Vinny's dream. Filming in those arenas where I've been with Vinny, especially the Dunk Center when he beat Gilbert Dele, is really reminiscent of what transpired."

And what will transpire on the big screen even brings Paz himself to tears.

"My girl's on the side of me wiping tears from my eyes," Paz said. "The director is on the other side of me looking for my reaction. It was nuts. Every 10 minutes, there was a big scene. It was incredible."

As for a release date, Verdi and company are aiming for some time around September or October.

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