Administrative hearing in 38 Studios postponed

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A hearing into potential lobbying violations related to 38 Studios was postponed again Tuesday, this time at the request of Secretary of State Ralph Mollis's office.

But a lawyer for Michael Corso, the target of the hearing said all Mollis is trying to do is make himself look good on the campaign trail.

"He is using somebody for political purposes, and he is prostituting the legal system to do it, which is really abhorrent conduct. He should be ashamed of himself," said Anthony Traini, Corso's attorney.

Corso is the dealmaker who is being investigated for potentially having lobbied -- without registering -- for 38 Studios, the Curt Schilling video game company that went bankrupt in 2012.

Mollis called the hearing to look into Corso's role in the company moving to Rhode Island.

Mollis is running for lieutenant governor, and traces the charges by the Corso camp to his primary election opponent, Dan McKee.

"If anyone's playing politics, it's him. Mr. Traini is legal counsel to (North Providence) Mayor (Charles) Lombardi who is a very close associated of Dan McKee. So we know where the political spin is coming from," Mollis said.

Mollis said any delays in the hearing process can be blamed on Corso, who didn't show up at the first scheduled date.

"If Mr. Corso just showed up, we'd be doing the hearing. This is my job to conduct the hearing. There's no politics involved. This is my job," Mollis said.

A postponement was granted Tuesday, and an Aug. 18 date was scheduled for a Superior Court hearing -- a move the lawyers for Corso believe is another stalling tactic.

"He's subverting the rules and abusing the process of the Superior Court all for his own political gain, which is really disgusting," Traini said.

The administrative hearing at the State House was rescheduled for Aug. 26.