Lawmakers report threatening letters over 38 Studios

Two lawmakers investigating the state's involvement in Curt Schilling's failed video-game company say they have received anonymous threatening letters.

State Rep. Michael Chippendale, a Foster Republican, said he sought police protection after receiving a letter last week that told him to "stop poking around" and threatened his family.

"It was not articulated in a very sophisticated way," Chippendale said, "but the point was pretty clear."

He said his family has never before been dragged into his political efforts.

"I would have never expected it. I'm a civil servant and I take my job seriously. But I never expected my family would get dragged into it to this level."

House Oversight Committee Chairwoman Karen MacBeth said she received a similar letter in the mail Thursday.

"It is scary. The whole thing is scary. But we were elected to do a job, and while that may be scary, it's not going to stop us," MacBeth told NBC 10 News.

MacBeth said the letters did not mention the 38 Studios investigation by name. But she said it is the only investigation she and Chippendale are working on together. Her family also is receiving police protection.

State police Maj. Todd Catlow said no other lawmakers have received threats. He said the investigation is active and ongoing.