Consumer Reports helps you shoot better video

Consumer Reports offers some simple tips for shooting better home video. (CRTV)

Whether you want to shoot video of that special moment in your child's life or get some cool clips of summertime fun, there's a camera for it. But knowing how to shoot well can make or break your video.

A lot of people use the camera on their smartphone because it's always handy. For that you need a lot of light to make your video look good. Also, keep your phone steady by holding it close to your body and twist at the waist to follow the action. And stay away from the digital zoom. CR says it reduces the quality of your video. Instead, zoom with your feet. Get right up to what you're shooting.

Action cameras, like the GoPro, can add a cool perspective to your home videos. With their small size and mounting accessories, you can put them just about anywhere. For most action cams, you have to use a special app on your phone as the viewfinder. With their wide angle lens, they'll be able to capture everything going on around you.

If you're using a digital camera, take advantage of its image stabilization feature or use a tripod. Image stabilization really helps smooth out shakiness in your video and makes it look more professional. If you don't have a tripod, CR says make yourself into one by locking your elbows in and leaning up against something.

Whether using digital camera or smartphone, CR says it's important to shoot eye level with your subjects even if that means getting on the ground with children.

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