Consumer Advocate: Foxborough consignment shop Chic 2 Chic shuts down

Foxborough consignment stop Chic 2 Chic has suddenly shut down. (WJAR)

Foxborough consignment stop Chic 2 Chic has suddenly shut down.

Several consigners claim the store still owes them money.

On Thursday, NBC 10 News cameras captured plenty of merchandise seemingly trapped inside the now shuttered store.

It's unclear what will happen to the merchandise, or if consigners will be reimbursed.

Paula Fleming with the Better Business Bureau told NBC 10 that if a consignment store goes bankrupt with a consigner’s goods inside, creditors can take the consigner’s property to pay off the store's debts.

So far, the Better Business Bureau has received six complaints from consumers who claim Chic 2 Chic owes them money.

NBC 10 reached out to Chic 2 Chic. No one has responded to our request for more information.

If you believe Chic 2 Chic owes you money, you can file a claim in Massachusetts Small Claims court.

You can also file a claim with the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office.

The Better Business Bureau warns consumers to always get a consignment agreement in writing.

The agreement should specify “how much your property will sell for, how long the shop has to sell it, how much you and the shop get out of the sale, and how long the shop has to pay you after the sale,” Fleming said. “Remember, the shop is normally responsible for keeping your property safe. Your consignment agreement should specify who's responsible for insuring your property.”

To read the recent complaints against Chic 2 Chic, click here.

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