Making Their Mark: Artist creates hand-painted signs for businesses

Jayson Salvi creates hand-painted signs for businesses. (WJAR)

He's in the business of helping other businesses.

"Your business needs a sign or nobody is going to find you," says Jayson Salvi, owner of Salvi's Hand Painted Signs in Providence.

Salvi says a sign is often the first thing customers notice.

If you've spent much time in Providence, chances are you've noticed one of Salvi's Hand Painted Signs.

"I never even thought about sign painting until I moved to Providence," says Salvi.

The Navy veteran admits the signs were always there. From forging parents' signatures in high school to repainting his ship's markings in the Navy, Salvi always had a creative spark. it just wasn't fully ignited until he moved to Rhode Island's capital city.

"I would love Providence -- I would love it all to be hand-painted," he says. "There's so many great artists in the city."

From small personalized wedding signs, to huge murals like the one behind the bar at The Rooftop at the Providence G, Salvi's Hand Painted Signs run the gamut.

He said he believes customers will soon see more hand-painted signs, as more businesses begin embracing hand-painted over vinyl.

He's also seeing an increase in businesses prioritizing curb appeal.

"Your sign is your brand," says Salvi. "You know, if you're going into a beauty shop and the signs all falling down and cracked, it doesn't really give the best first impression."

Salvi does all of his painting inside his Providence home.

He doesn't use stencils. He eyeballs almost everything. And he doesn't have any way to erase mistakes, so if there is one, he has to start from scratch.

Salvi says the work keeps him busy, but he's always willing to take on a new project.

"I'd love to see it expand, and I don't care if it's a house plaque for an historic home or a giant billboard for a business -- go hand-painted," says Salvi.

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