Cranston City Council to cut overnight parking fine

The Cranston City Council is expected to approve a proposal to lower the fine for illegal overnight parking as a way to get police to issue more tickets.

City Council President John Lanni said police officers thought a $50 ticket was too expensive and weren't issuing tickets as a result. Lanni said the council hopes by reducing the fee to $25 it will relieve those concerns and encourage officers to enforce the ban on overnight street parking.

Lanni said the council can't order the police department to enforce the rule, but he said he hopes the lower fee will encourage them to comply. One of the big concerns is there's been a $200,000 drop in ticket revenue -- money needed to help balance the city budget.

The fine was increased from $15 to $50 in 2009 to get residents to stop parking on the street overnight.

Council members realized in November that police weren't issuing as many tickets after two council members reported police were issuing large amounts of tickets in their wards, allegedly to retaliate against them for voting against a labor contract.