Cranston mayor asks state police to investigate ticket scandal

After hearing allegations that the Cranston Police mayhave been ordered to hand out a higher than usual number of parking tickets intwo particular wards in the city as potential retribution for the representingcouncilors 'no vote' to a union contract, the two interested councilors tookaction.

Paul Archetto is a Cranston Ward 3 Councilor. On Thursdaynight he told NBC10, "We were planning to present a resolution that I andcouncilman (Steven) Stycos of Ward 1 had introduced pertaining to the'ticketing blitz' to request the Rhode Island State Police come to Cranston toinvestigate the matter."

But the concerned city councilors never had a chance topresent that resolution, because Mayor Allan Fung did the work for them, announcinghe'd would, in fact, ask the State Police to investigate the alleged ticketscandal at a last minute news conference on Thursday.

Mayor Allan Fung said at the podium in front of severalmedia outlets, "Upon learning that more allegations were made last week, I madethe decision to contact the Rhode Island State Police and ask for theirassistance in that matter."

But regardless of how, or when the decision was reachedto bring the Rhode Island State Police on board with the investigation, thoseinterested councilors say they're just glad it's happening.

Outside the council meeting, Councilor Archetto toldNBC10, "I think the most important point is that we have an outside,non-biased, objective body to come here to Cranston to look at what happened andfind some answers. I hope we eventually have answers, we find the truth, wefind who's responsible, and at that point it's the mayor's decision as to whathas to be done."

Mayor Fung agrees.

He said, "Let me be clear, let me be really clear to allof the residents of Cranston, if these allegations prove true, I am not goingto tolerate any intimidation or harassment of any residents or any individualsin the city under my watch. And if these allegations are true, any individualswill be held accountable."

The Mayor says assistance from the Rhode Island StatePolice will negate the need for the private, independent, former FBI agentconsultant from New Jersey the city was planning to hire.