I-Team: Councilman denies police captain's claims

The NBC 10 I-Team reports Capt. Stephen Antonucci of the Cranston Police Department, who is also president of the police union, as the officer who ordered patrolmen to conduct an overnight parking ticket blitz in two wards in the city.

Two sources told the I-Team that Antonucci issued the order as retribution for two city councilmen voting against a proposed union contract.

Antonucci admits he gave the order, but denies it was done for retribution. He said the two city councilmen actually asked that police issue more overnight parking tickets in their wards.

"That's ridiculous. I don't run the police department. I certainly have never asked for tickets to be blanketed in my ward or Councilman Archetto's ward while the rest of the city has been left untouched," said Cranston City Councilman Steven Stycos.

State police have launched an investigation into the ticket scandal.

NBC 10's Jim Taricani: "If one or more officers kind of fess up and say, 'Yes, we did this for retribution', it will be difficult to make a case, wouldn't it?"

Stycos: "I think it's very important that the police officers that know what happened come forward and talk to the state police."

According to sources, several officers have already been questioned by state police.

Meanwhile, the Rhode Island Chapter of the ACLU filed an open records request Thursday with the city. In its request, the ACLU wants to see all records of phone calls and radio transmissions made by Antonucci.

The ACLU said since Antonucci waived his right to secrecy under the Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights, the city has to turn over the records.