NBC 10 I-Team: Ex-lawmaker under investigation could be liable for $500,000

A Barrington probate court judge issued a citation Monday to former state Rep. Ray Gallison for “unfaithful administration of the estate.” The move could make the former rep civilly liable for up to $500,000 for his alleged role in taking money and hiding assets of a dead Barrington man.

Judge Marvin Homonoff said he was “disturbed” that Gallison or his attorney Anthony Traini have not attended hearings or provided an explanation for what happened with the estate of Ray Medley. Medley died in 2012 and named Gallison executor of his estate. But when four years passed and nine non-profits never got their money from Medley’s will, suspicion set in.

Court records show the former lawmaker valued Medley’s estate at about $237,000, but in actuality, it was worth much more than that. Warren attorney Tucker Wright, the estate’s new attorney, said Medley was worth more than a $1 million, including blue chip stocks that were never disclosed.

Gallison resigned his powerful House Finance Committee chairmanship in May after the NBC 10 I-Team first reported on his legal problems with state and federal investigators. His Bristol home was raided a month prior, and the NBC 10 I-Team learned the FBI seized nearly a $992,879 under Gallison’s control.

Wright said much of the money was Ray Medley’s stocks. A rare coin and stamp collection of Medley’s was later returned by Gallison, along with the keys to a storage facility where the former lawmaker had hidden Medley’s household belongings. Court filings also show large suspicious transfers of money from Medley’s estate account to Gallison’s own account. One example shows a Citizens Bank check written for $15,000 to Ray Gallison and signed by Ray Gallison.

While Gallison has not been charged criminally, Medley’s probate case still winds its way through Barrington. On Monday, Wright asked for the forfeiture of Gallison’s $500,000 personal bond he posted as executor. He also asked and was granted a partial disbursement of another $500,000 in Medley’s assets to those non-profits who were owed the money in the first place. An earlier $100,000 already went out.

A call to Gallison's attorney Anthony Traini went unreturned.

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