I-Team: Feds start sexual violence investigation at Brown

Brown University

Federal investigators have added Brown University to a list of 68 schools under investigation because of sexual violence.

The NBC 10-I-Team broke the story in June that two Brown University football players are under criminal investigation for rape by Providence police, yet remain on the University's football team roster. The men were also allowed to continue playing football and remain on campus for months after the alleged victim went to police, although Brown's own police force was aware of the criminal investigation from the early stages.

Neither of the men has been charged with a crime, so NBC 10 is not publishing their names.

The U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights announced Brown had been added to the list on Wednesday.

A University spokeswoman said Brown received notice of the investigation on Friday.

Marisa Quinn told the I-Team's Katie Davis that the University "will cooperate fully during this review." Quinn noted that Brown has established a task force to recommend improvements in how the school deals with sexual violence.

Federal investigators did not release details of the case, and Quinn said it's Brown's policy not to discuss individual cases.

However, the I-Team obtained court records and police reports in the case involving the two football players.

The victim told Providence police detectives she went to Louie's Tavern near Providence College with a group of friends back in November.

According to the police report, the victim, "felt she was drugged in some way unknown to her when her arms and body fell limp."

The young woman told police she was carried out of the bar by a Brown football player she knew, placed in taxi and driven to a Brown University dorm room. She later woke up in bed with one suspect, and was asked to perform a sex act on a second suspect.

The I-Team used documents and interviews to piece together a timeline of the case.

The alleged victim was granted a temporary restraining order against the two suspects on Feb. 28. The restraining order was extended March 11 and remained in effect until the end of Brown's spring semester.

The I-Team asked Brown to explain why the two suspects were apparently still on campus, still playing football, and still representing the university months after the alleged victim came forward. The university said that it would have no comment on camera.

Video highlights posted April 22 on Brown's Facebook page show one of the two players in question on the field during the spring football game.

Court documents obtained by the I-Team show Brown "removed both defendants from its campus in the middle of their final examinations" and told them not to come back to campus if the criminal investigation remained open.

Finals week at Brown was May 7-16, more than three months after the young woman first came forward.

The case is now in the hands of the attorney general and possibly a grand jury.