I-Team: DBR executive back to work

Louis DeQuattro, the former deputy director at the Department of Business Regulation in Rhode Island, is back to work and has changed roles with the state following a long absence.

The NBC 10 I-Team began asking questions about DeQuattro shortly after going on paid leave on March 31.

And the I-Team has tried unsuccessfully to determine why DeQuattro was placed on leave in the first place.

On Monday, Allison Rogers, director of policy with the Department of Administration said in a statement, "Mr. DeQuattro has been assigned to the position of "Chief Licensing Examiner - Division of Commercial Licensing and Regulation" effective Monday, August 18, 2014. His total rate of pay in this classification is $85,515. His prior position was "Deputy Director Department of Business Regulation".

His total rate of pay in that prior classification was $131,654. Other than this information, the Department of Administration does not comment on personnel matters.

In May, the I-Team reported on DeQuattro's leave as he managed the division of regulatory standards, compliance and enforcement.

A large part of his job was hearing cases that came up on appeal from the Providence Board of Licenses. If a nightclub has an after-hours problem, a shooting or a stabbing and is shut down by the city, the club's lawyer can appeal the city's decision to the Department of Business Regulation and DeQuattro ultimately made a decision.

"The public has a right to know especially if they're out for malfeasance, but it has to be balanced against the privacy rights of the individual," John Marion, executive director of Common Cause, told NBC 10.

Since DeQuattro has been out, the Department of Business Regulation said it continues to do his work and hear cases on appeal from the Providence Board of Licenses.

DeQuattro is also a part-time municipal judge in North Providence, a position that pays him nearly $8,000 a year. North Providence Mayor Charles Lombardi said he had a conversation with DeQuattro who told him he didn't know why he was put on leave with the state. Lombardi said he's on a leave of absence from North Providence too.

Several attempts to reach DeQuattro at his home were unsuccessful.