I-Team: New details in Brown U. sexual assault investigation

Public records obtained by the NBC 10 I-Team reveal some of the evidence in a criminal investigation involving two Brown University students accused of sexually assaulting a 19 year-old woman.

The attorney general's office confirmed to NBC 10 on Monday that the Providence County grand jury declined to indict the two men this week. No charges have been filed, and neither man has been arrested. NBC 10 has not reported their names.

Search warrant affidavits filed by Providence Police Detective Theodore Michael describe evidence obtained from cell phones during the investigation. The evidence described includes text messages, photos and instant messages.

"OMG dude that girl slept in my roommates' bed," reads one text message.

"That chick (expletive) sucked," reads another.

"No invite just walks in and starts raping her," reads an instant message.

The affidavit also says an explicit naked image of the alleged victim was found on one man's iPhone.

The alleged victim told Providence police she was sexually assaulted by the two men after a night out with friends in November. The woman said she was drugged and taken back to a Brown dorm room, where she was raped.

Both men played football for Brown at the time of the alleged assault, but were removed from the team's roster over the summer. Brown won't comment on whether either student will return to campus this fall since the grand jury failed to return an indictment.

"My client has maintained his innocence. He has never been arrested. He has cooperated fully with the authorities. The matter was presented to a grand jury and the grand jury has spoken," said attorney Artin Coloian, who represents one of the men.

Attorney John Grasso represents the other man accused in the case.

"Those text messages are snippets in a much larger conversation," Grasso said. "I have faith that the grand jury considered all the evidence in the case."