NBC 10 I-Team: Man sentenced on wire fraud, stealing $77OK

Charles Denno leaves federal court after being sentenced to nearly 3 years in prison on wire fraud. (WJAR)

An East Providence man will spend just under three years in federal prison after pilfering more than $700,000 from a Providence nonprofit.

Charles Denno, 67, was charged with one count of wire fraud on Friday afternoon and sentenced to 33 months in federal prison, three years probation and 100 hours community service after stealing from the Providence Plan, a nonprofit where he was financial director. He must also pay $630,731 in restitution.

“What you did would be the death of many nonprofits, many would be destroyed by a crime like this,”U.S. District Court Judge William Smith told Denno.

There were many layoffs for employees whose agencies received funds from the nonprofit and layoffs of Americorps Volunteers. It was an ignominious end to the agency’s dedicated executive director Patrick McGugan who was forced out because of Denno’s embezzlement, Assistant U.S. Attorney John McAdams said.

The defense said Denno was greedy and showed selfishness. “While the defendant plays the lip service of remorse for his conduct, the fact remains he has not paid back one penny of the money he stole, despite his ability to do so,” states the victim impact statement.

A visibly shaken, who embezzled from the agency over a six-year period, said he regret what he did but said a gambling disorder caused him to steal from the agency.

Denno said the addition took control of him.

Denno must surrender on September 11. His lawyer asked that he serve out his prison time at Fort Devens, but that decision is up to the Bureau of Prisons.

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