NBC 10’s Emily Volz goes one-on-one with Billy Gilman

Billy Gilman (WJAR)

The season finale of “The Voice” starts Monday on NBC 10 and Rhode Island's Billy Gilman is one of the final four.

NBC 10’s Emily Volz caught up with Gilman on Thursday to learn more about how he's preparing for the big night.

Gilman brought the house down this week and earned himself a spot in the finale with a rendition of Cline Dion’s, “I Surrender.”

Volz asked him what was going through his mind while covering such a legendary ballad.

“The last thought that went through my head before the performance was -- before any of this happens, you go through certain steps, before the blind auditions, to make sure that you're not crazy and that you can handle the pressure of what this brings, and the last thought in my head was, 'remember that psych test I had to do?’ And then the piano started, so very random, but that was the thought that went through my head,” Gilman said.

As for his upcoming performance, Gilman said it will probably be the biggest thing he’s ever done as an artist. Being part of the show, he said, has been quite the experience.

“It's crazy. The schedules are insane,” Gilman said, “I've had probably two hours of sleep in the last 20 (to) 32 hours, so it's kind of nuts, but it's what we love. It's what I love and you just somehow find that energy to push through.”

It's that work ethic, combined with stunning vocals, that have propelled Gilman this far.

Starting Monday at 8, we will find out if he will wins it all.

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