Preliminary results revealed in soda pop poll for president

Yacht Club of North Providence says sales of Hillary's Liberal Limeade and Donald's Populist Punch have been closer than you might think. (WJAR)

The lighter side of Decision 2016 coverage: With the Election just six days away, we went back to Yacht Club Bottling Works for that soda pop poll.

You might be surprised at the preliminary results between Hillary's Liberal Limeade and Donald's Populist Punch.

It was never meant to be a scientific poll that started this past August, concocting custom flavored presidential candidate bottled soda, but more of a way to gauge voters tastes. Three months ago, Yacht Club Bottle Works President John Sgambato described the notion of the potion this way: "They have a slight acidity to them so they have a bite. They meet the candidates, they have a little edge to them.”

Interestingly enough, in traditionally blue state Rhode Island, 21,048 bottles of Donald's Populist Punch have been sold, to 20,424 of Hillary's Liberal Limeade -- 46 percent to 44.6 percent with Trump ahead.

Bowing to political pressure, bottles of Gary's Sassy Sarsaparilla were added to the mix, for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, without the custom artwork (too late), that's garnered 4,344 sales, 9.4 percent of the total. With Wednesday’s preliminary results, John Sgambato reacts, "Yeah, it shocked me. We're in Rhode Island, I didn't expect it," he nervously laughed.

While half the customers to the Centerdale plant came in buying equal amounts of both, for the novelty, the other half have been on a mission.

“There was quite a bit of people coming in here just wanting (the) one,” said Sgambato.

Jennifer Neuguth stopped by from rural Rhode Island to pick up her Hillary’s Liberal Limeade. She is taken aback by the closeness of the soda pop poll.

“Well yes, did you see this morning, they're tied! So no, I'm not surprised. It's a little frightening, but I'm not surprised. And I'm really looking for it to being over," she said.

No one purchased Donald’s Populist Punch while NBC 10 was there, but sales have been steady.

Mike Sgambato, John’s brother and vice president of the company, tells how some of those buying that choice are secretive when they come in.

“They just don't want people to know which way they're voting, I guess," he said.

Because of the political promotion between the Liberal Limeade and Populist Punch showdown, business at Yacht Club Bottle Works has gone up 30 percent, with sales all across the country, from Florida, Illinois, Oklahoma, and California.

The final tally will be released Election Day at 1 p.m. We'll see if it will be more fad than fact.

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