3 Rhode Islanders head on a 5-week journey through the Arctic


In a little over a week three Rhode Islanders will begin a 5-week journey through the Arctic. They’re filming their journey for an upcoming documentary to raise awareness about the problems climate change is causing to the Arctic.

"People don't actually know what the Arctic is,” said Diana Kushner. “People think the Arctic is land and the Arctic is water.”

Kushner and her husband Stephen Smith will be joined on the trip by fellow Rhode Islander and recent Harvard graduate Christopher Horvat. Additionally, a father and son from California will be part of the group that will make the 32-day kayaking trip.

"You are essentially going to the most remote place on the planet,” said Smith. “Where we're going to is more remote than a lot of places in Antarctica."

The Hope Valley couple says when it comes to the public understanding the impact of climate change the Arctic has been overlooked by Antarctica and Greenland. They're hoping to change that and want people to start paying attention to the changes happening in the Artic.

"It's very simple polar oceanographers are telling us that to have a habitable planet we need sea ice in the Arctic Ocean," said Smith "That cover of white over the Arctic Ocean is the solar reflector for the planet."

The trip is being funded by grants, donations and their own money. You can follow their trip on their website which is where the documentary will eventually live.

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