A vigil in North Smithfield honors a fallen hero


The U.S Army says 20-year old, Matthew Turcotte of North Smithfield died after he was shot during a live fire training exercise early Wednesday morning in Colorado.

Turcotte was a 2015 graduate of North Smithfield High School. A vigil was held in honor of Turcotte's life Sunday evening.

His aunt tells NBC 10 it's an incredibly difficult time for loved ones but the vigil is really about celebrating the young hero's short life.

"He was just such a bundle of love. He really was. He was a soldier and he had some characteristics of a soldier, he was strong, but he also just really had a soft heart," said Donna Caccia.

Army Officials say the incident is under investigation. The vigil on Sunday evening took place on the football field Turcotte used to play on.

"I saw Matt frequently when he was home. We had a little thing that we did on his birthday every year. We would have dinner together and I think for me that's going to be the hardest thing is not seeing him on his birthday and not celebrating that with him," said Caccia.

Last year, Turcotte was deployed to Kosovo. His family says he leaves behind a wife that he married less than a year ago.

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