'B.A.T. Mobile' out in full force for St. Patrick’s Day

Authorities in Rhode Island are hoping to crack down on drunk driving during the night of St. Patrick’s Day.

“The ultimate goal is zero,” Capt. Rick Rathbun of the Warwick Police Department said. “The reality is we could probably average between four and eight, based upon other holidays of similar nature.”

Officers who catch suspected drunk drivers can bring them to The Breath Alcohol Testing -- or B.A.T. -- truck, which has two breathalyzer machines and a fingerprinting station.

“It's basically to speed up the process for them, make it a mobile command center,” Officer Mike Imondi of the Providence Police Department said. “They come (and) they do all their paperwork here instead of taking them back to the station and being off the street.”

There are cameras in the truck to record everything, including the cell area, along with two holding cells in the truck to hold detainees until either they arrange for a ride home or get brought back to the police station.

Several local departments and state police are making use of the truck throughout the night of St. Patrick’s Day.

It comes the night after a fiery suspected drunk driving crash in North Kingstown.

Police there charged Robert Andreozzi with DUI after they said he was speeding over 100 mph on Route 4. Authorities said Andreozzi hit another car, and both vehicles burst into flames.

Posting the BAT truck on busy Post Road in Warwick is both a central location -- and meant to be a deterrent.

“We're putting this vehicle in a location where the public can see it,” Rathbun said. “We're telling the public we're out here.”

Police have extra patrols out as the festivities continue into the early morning hours.