Car drives through Fall River yard, smashes into swing set

A car drove through a Fall River yard and crashed into a swing set. (WJAR)

A car drove through a Fall River yard and crashed into a swing set.

Tire tracks through Kyle Medeiros' yard lead to a smashed slide.

“This is where it hit,” Medeiros said, pointing.

Video from Medeiros' security cameras in the rainy overnight hours Saturday into Sunday shows a car driving right into his yard and re-emerging about 45 seconds later. The car turned around after hitting the swing set in the backyard.

“It looks like it moved over about four feet. It's got cracks everywhere,” he said, adding that his children are disappointed and upset. “My kids were bummed. I was bummed. It's tough.”

The car was supposed to make a 90-degree turn on Ash Street, which is the only way to go. Instead, it went straight through Medeiros' yard.

Medeiros said cars have gone over parts of his front lawn before and for that reason. He claims he asked the city months ago to put in a curb.

“I never received a response back from them until I emailed them Sunday morning after I found this and I was like, ‘What's it going to take for anything to get done about curbs, you know?’ I was like, ‘Is one of my kids going to have to get killed?’” Medeiros said.

A spokesman for Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia told NBC 10 News that Medeiros' original email was sent to the wrong city department but should have been forwarded to the right one.

He said it was not and that's unacceptable on the city's end.

And after questions from NBC 10, the spokesman visited Medeiros, telling him that the city will put in a curb and a reflective sign near the home.

“I'm just glad they came out and finally resolved it,” Medeiros said. “It sucks that it had to take this for it to happen.”

As for finding the car, Medeiros said he filed a report with police, but no word yet on anyone being caught.

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