Correia upsets Sutter in Fall River mayoral election

Jasiel Correia II celebrates victory in the Fall River mayoral election, Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2015.

Jasiel Correia celebrated victory in Fall River Tuesday night.

The 23-year-old first term City Council member will be the city's next mayor.

Correia defeated Mayor Sam Sutter by an unofficial vote count of 8,268 to 7,621.

"We're going to build the best team you've ever seen and we're going to make sure that Fall River moves forward," Correia told NBC 10 News after the results came in.

Sutter, the former Bristol County district attorney who's held the mayor's job less than a year was done-in in large part by unpopular trash fees.

"I walked into a $6.5 million shortfall and I had a very difficult decision to make," Sutter said after learning of his defeat. "We put in a new fee. People didn't like it. I understand why people didn't like it."

"We're going to address that immediately," Correia said. "We're going to look at some public-private partnership options like some of our counterpart cities have done. We're going to look at better ways to recycle."

The trash controversy was also a big factor in the downfall of Sutter's predecessor, Will Flanagan, whom Sutter beat in a recall special election less than a year ago.

Correia first gained notoriety when he accused Flanagan of intimidating him with a gun for his support in the recall.

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