Cranston Police and Union hold diaper drive for hurricane victims

Cranston Police and Union hold diaper drive for hurricane victims. (AP Photo)

The Cranston Police Department and the International Brotherhood of Police Officers, Local 301, are helping out Hurricane Harvey and Irma victims with a citywide diaper drive to send to the victims of the extreme weather that our country has recently experienced.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for our community to come together to make an immediate impact for those in need,” said Colonel Michael J. Winquist, Chief of Police. The Cranston Police union, the IBPO Local 301, has also donated $2,000.00 cash to jump-start this humanitarian effort

As many as 2,600 diapers per year are needed to clothe a baby; a staggering number by itself; but even more considering the adversity the country is facing in the hurricane affected areas of the gulf coast of Texas and Florida.

To help fill the humanitarian gap, the Cranston Police Department’s Office of Community Outreach and police union will be sponsoring a community “drop-off” at the Department’s headquarters located at 5 Garfield Avenue. Any citizen that is interested in donating can drop off a package of new, unopened diapers any time of day and place it in the large bin left for diaper collection.

Michael Caramante, President of the I.B.P.O. Local 301 stated, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. The I.B.P.O. Local 301 extends our heartfelt sympathies to the victims of these terrible storms. As a union, we pledge $2,000 to help with the relief efforts. We are grateful that we can join forces with our police department for support. In this difficult time, we urge everyone that is capable of supporting to do just that. Please show your support during aftermath of these terrible events.”

The diapers will be collected through September 25th and shipped to the San Antonio, Texas based Texas Diaper Bank; and The HWG Foundation, Inc, based in Pinellas County, Florida.

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