Cumberland school placed on lockdown as intruder attacks nearby homeowner

Cumberland police say an intruder attacked someone in a home on Kent Street, Friday, May 12, 2017. (WJAR)

Cumberland police said Friday that a man barged into a house and assaulted the owner.

The attack was reported at about 8:40 a.m. at a home on Kent Street.

Injuries to the homeowner, a man in his 50s, were described as minor. Police would not immediately elaborate on the nature of his injuries or how he was attacked.

Police described the assailant as a white man between 20 and 30 years old, but it is unknown if the suspect used a weapon.

Police are also unsure how the suspect may have broken into the home, though NBC 10 cameras didn't notice any obvious damage to the home's windows or doors.

Less than half a mile away, Cumberland’s McCourt Middle School began a scheduled evacuation drill with the Cumberland Police Department at the time of the invasion, though it quickly turned into a real-shut down.

Police escorted staff and students back inside classrooms for a campus lock-down.

The middle school's lockdown lasted 20 minutes, according to the Superintendent of Schools Robert Mitchell. It was followed by school protocol for "restricted movement,” which ended shortly before 11 a.m.

NBC 10 News obtained an e-mail sent out by the school district, noting that no one was harmed at or outside the school.

“Captain Fay was at McCourt during the evacuation drill,” Mitchell noted. “As soon as he learned of the home invasion, he asked Dr. Masterson to return the students to the school as a precautionary measure. The directive was immediately followed and everyone returned to school. All students and staff were accounted for within approximately two and a half minutes. At no time was the safety of any student or staff member in question.”

Mitchell went on to noted that the lockdown was downgraded to “a restricted movement” after about 20 minutes, which allowed educators to continue teaching.

“At approximately 10:40 a.m., the restricted movement was lifted by the Cumberland Police Department and the daily routine returned to normal,” Mitchell said.

Meanwhile, at the crime scene, a car left in the driveway, its passenger door left open during the police investigation.

As detectives continued their investigation inside the home, employees at nearby businesses a few miles down the road told NBC 10 that a man was arrested near the intersection of Ann and Hope Way.

Police said the two events are related, but would not go on camera to answer more questions, despite confirming the home invasion appears to be a random neighborhood attack.

So far, no one has been officially charged.

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