Doyle sentenced in embezzlement scheme

Dan Doyle, pictured here, plead guilty to pilfering from a nonprofit. (WJAR)

A man convicted of embezzling money from a sports institute he founded was sentenced to 15 years, with seven years to serve at the Adult Correctional Institutions.

Dan Doyle, of the Institute for International Sport, was found guilty in December of 18 counts, including embezzlement, forgery, filing false documents and obtaining money under false pretenses. Doyle founded the institute in 1986 to create international connections among schoolchildren.

Prosecutors said Doyle, 68, of West Hartford, Connecticut, used the institute as a piggybank, taking more than $1 million to pay for things including college tuition and wedding expenses for his children and for plastic surgery.

The prosecution recommended 36 years concurrent to serve at the ACI, but the defense said at his age there is no risk of recidivism.

The judge said the state's recommendation is equitable and appropriate.

"The number of people that you have let down is innumerable," Judge Melanie Thunberg told Doyle. "You betrayed humanitarians who supported you.

"You must now endure the penalties," she added.

After more than 500 exhibits and 53 witnesses testifying against Doyle, the prosecution said Doyle still maintains his innocence, but has no remorse.

They also said Doyle's nonprofit did some good, but said Doyle committed "selfish acts" not in line with the program's vision. "He was a one-man show pretending to be a nonprofit organization ... the people of Rhode Island paid for that," prosecutors said in court onThursday.

"I try to make the young people I interacted with better," Doyle read in his statement before the judge. "I have much to offer and much more to do."

Doyle continued working at the institute despite the investigation into his wrongdoing, according to his defense. The defense went on to say that Doyle engaged in the nonprofit's mission all his life.

(The Associated Press contributed to this story.)

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