Family reunited with missing dog on Christmas Eve

A Warwick family said they experienced a miracle on Christmas Eve when they were reunited with their missing dog who had been involved in a hit-and-run. (WJAR)

A Warwick family said they experienced a miracle on Christmas Eve when they were reunited with their missing dog who had been involved in a hit-and-run.

And it’s all thanks to a group of caring volunteers, as well as the watchful eye of a 10-year-old girl.

“I was sitting on the couch and I saw the dog on the porch,” Amya Oliver told NBC 10 News Saturday afternoon. “I told my parents and then they were trying to find out if it was the lost dog.”

To their pleasant surprise, they learned that it was Kacy.

“My heart is so full right now,” Linda Ryan said just moments after she and her husband, Thomas, got Kacy back. “I am grateful that there were so many people that joined in the search for her and supported us with everything -- with putting up flyers and looking for her and walking around and kept encouraging us to just keep the faith.”

Thomas agreed. The couple praised volunteers from Missing Dogs Massachusetts, especially Victoria Callahan and Sheilah Graham.

“I’m just stunned,” Thomas said, also thanking Warwick officers for their efforts.

Thomas received the good news about Kacy just after 1 p.m. on Dec. 24.

“I was at a Christmas get-together at my niece’s house and I got a phone call from the Warwick Police Department,” he said. “They asked me if I believe in Christmas miracles and I said, ‘Yes, I do.’ They said, ‘A lady on Jefferson Street has your dog.’”

Authorities gave Thomas the address and he immediately contacted Linda. She didn’t waste any time, as she quickly headed to Amya’s house and met her parents.

“I couldn’t even speak,” Linda said. “I opened the door and Kacy was so excited to see me. She was wagging her tail and kissing me.”

Kacy was soaking wet, as it had been raining earlier that morning. She also appeared to have a slight limp from the crash.

Thomas said he was walking Kacy and his 11-year-old dog, Angus, when they were struck by a car on Benedict Road in Warwick Dec. 15. While Kacy took off, Angus broke his leg.

Ryan was able to get a good look at the license plate after he was hit, which helped police find the driver, 21-year-old Aiden Curry. He was arrested and faces multiple charges, including hit-and-run involving a personal injury, as well as driving on a suspended license.

Now, Angus needs surgery.

“Angus is doing alright. He’s either going to have his leg repaired or amputated, but he’s holding his own,” Thomas said, noting that the surgery will cost $7,500. “He’s in pretty good spirits.”

But the Ryan family is optimistic. They said they’ll be taking Angus to a vet on Wednesday for a follow up, and they also plan to have Kacy examined, as well.

“We’ve just hoping for the best,” Thomas said. “Angus is doing a little bit better now that Kacy’s home.”

Linda shared similar sentiments, noting that Angus was “so excited” when he saw Kacy.

“He started wagging his tail and walking around,” she said. “It was the most activity he’s done in more than a week.”

That feeling of comfort and joy is spilling over to Amya and her family. They, too, described the reunion as a Christmas miracle.

“It makes me feel good and happy because it was a lost dog that needed help to survive,” said Amya.

Her sister, Aaliyah, 9, feels the same.

“I’m happy and excited because we found the dog,” she said.

For Linda and Thomas, Santa came a day early. They’re hoping the same can happen for their friend, Kelly Moreno, whose dog, Rosie, hasn’t been seen since the day after Kacy was struck.

“She went missing in Taunton,” Linda said.

A Facebook page called “Find Rosie” has been created to help Moreno locate Rosie, a two-year-old pit bull/lab mix. She is mostly black but has a white stripe on her chest and a white patch of fur above her snout.

As Linda and Thomas help Moreno with her efforts, they again wanted to express gratitude to everyone who supported them during their search for Kacy.

“Our hearts were broken and we were missing her, but we never gave up,” Linda said.

A GoFundMe page has been created to assist Linda and Thomas pay for Angus' surgery. Click here to learn more.

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