Hasbro's HASCON officially opens

Hasbro's HASCON officially opens. (NBC10 Photo)

HASCON is officially open.

Hasbro's first ever family convention is now underway in Providence.

NBC 10's Kelly Bates took some time to check out some of the latest Hasbro toys.

HASCON is being billed as a celebration of Hasbro creations, past and present. From GI Joe to Gem and the Holograms, Monopoly to Magic the Gathering. Designers in Hasbro's I-Play Group have merge old favorites with today's technology.

Play-Doh Touch is fully animated and interactive. You can use included molds to create different activities for your character and different colors of Play-Doh change the nature of each activity.

Hasbro has collaborated with Harmonix, the creators of Guitar Hero and Rockband to create Drop Mix. This one uses smart card technology to make fully custom music experiences. It is the cutting edge of toy tech.

The cards have different music styles, songs, instruments and timing. Players can make their own mixes in a party mode -using aspects of different genres- or play in one of three available competitive game modes.

Both Drop Mix and Play Doh Touch will be at HASCON to try and designers will be there to answer your questions.

HASCON runs through Sunday.

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