Lightning strike causes a fire on local firefighter's property


RICHMOND, R.I. (WJAR) — A lightning strike Saturday afternoon causes a fire at the property of a Richmond-Carolina Fire District firefighter.

According to Richmond-Carolina Fire District Deputy Chief Keith Place, crews found a shed on fire at around 2 p.m. Saturday off Shannock Hill Road in Richmond.

Officials believe lightning hit a transformer nearby which caused the shed to go up in flames.

People in the area tell NBC 10 they saw a flash of light and moments later felt a vibration.

"My mom jumped out from the table. It gave her a big scare and it gave the dog a good startle.

We ran outside and could see the flames above the tree line," said Anders Fogleman.

The shed was located on the property of a Richmond-Carolina firefighter who officials said is related to Chief Scott Barber.

Officials said Chief Barber lives nearby and he's the person who reported the fire.

"It was one of local firemen who owns the property. His father noticed it and called it right in," said Deputy Chief Keith Place.

The shed was destroyed, but nothing else was damaged and no injuries were reported.

"It was just the shed. It was like tools, mechanical tools, gardening tools, things like that," said Deputy Chief Place

Firefighters in Barrington, Rhode Island were also called out for a lightning strike next to a home Saturday afternoon.

Barrington fire officials said they responded to a home on Old River Road at around 2 p.m.

The homeowner, Chris Friel, tells NBC 10 the lightning strike caused minor electrical damage.

"We went into our garage and we could smell a burning plastic smell. We had to replace some breakers on the panel and two electrical outlets on the inside of the house," said Friel.

No injuries were reported in Barrington as a result of the lightning strike.

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