Local woman found safe in Dominica post-Hurricane Maria

Elisha Griffin (Submitted photo)

Two parents in Little Compton are overwhelmingly relieved, as they received news that their daughter, who is attending school in Dominica, has been found safe following devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.

Jeff Griffin, the father of Elisha Griffin, a medical student in Dominca originally from Fall River, told NBC 10 that his daughter is alive.

Jeff said he heard from Ross University Wednesday night, noting that Elisha has checked in and is safe.

A day prior, Jeff feared the worst.

"I don't know what happened to my daughter. Did her roof blow off?" he said.

While Jeff said he has not talked to her directly yet, the university has said it plans to move all its people to St. Lucia.

“The first step was – she’s safe," he said. "Now it’s the waiting time to see if she’s coming home or she’s going somewhere else or are they going to try to transfer her to another medical school? Still, there’s questions to be answered.”

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