Local woman helping people in Texas affected by hurricane

A local woman is among hundreds of American Red Cross volunteers from across the country helping people affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

On Saturday, NBC 10 spoke with, Stefanie Arcangelo, the Chief Communication Officer for the Connecticut and Rhode Island region of the Red Cross.

"I am in Houston, Texas and arrived here on Thursday afternoon.

Here in houston we are anticipating rain and flooding that is going to cause devastation throughout the entire southeast Texas area," said Arcangelo.

Strong winds associated with the hurricane have died down,

but what's left of the storm is pouring rain on parts of southeast Texas.

Forecasts indicate some areas might experience about three feet of rain over the course of several days.

"The fact that the rain is just going to sit there and just stay because the conditions are right for it, that's the concern.

The ground just definitely can't take it so we are preparing for the worst," said Arcangelo.

According to the Red Cross, more than 1,400 people ended up staying in emergency shelters Friday night.

The number of people needing help is expected increase as potentially historic flood waters rise.

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