Man convicted of murder 32 years ago soon out on parole


A man convicted of murdering his girlfriend in Woonsocket 32 years ago will soon be out on parole. The victim’s family believes he's a threat to the community. They're warning others about his upcoming release.

Kathy Demers had so much life left to live. She was 21 and a mother of two when her boyfriend, Daniel Boucher, beat and strangled her to death in 1985. Boucher then dumped her body into the Blackstone River. He was sentenced to life in prison.

"I thought he was going to die in prison. That was my goal. That was my hope. Our family did not want to live through this again," Donna Maddock, Demers' sister, told reporters at a vigil held at the Woonsocket Falls Dam.

But Boucher will be released on parole this July. Maddock said her family is outraged and scared.

"One of [Demers'] sons just wired his whole house with cameras because he’s got kids and he’s afraid. We’re all afraid," Maddock said.

Demers’ body was found in the Woonsocket Dam two months after she was murdered. For years Maddock avoided driving by there --- the pain too unbearable. On Saturday afternoon, she walked to the site alongside friends and family.

Together, they threw 32 roses into the dam, marking the years since Demers' death.

The executive director of the nonprofit, Alliance for Safe Communities, said the parole board gave Demers’ family a false sense of security.

"The alliance is very tired of sentences being considered life sentences and these individuals come out so it’s not a life sentence," said Carolyn Medeiros.

"Now he’s going to get out and be free. And I’m not free," Maddock said. "It’s not fair. It’s not fair."

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