Man creates petition, asking Amazon to buy Benny’s

A Massachusetts man has created an online petition, asking Amazon to buy Benny’s. (WJAR) 

A Massachusetts man has created an online petition, asking Amazon to buy Benny’s.

The president of Benny’s, Arnold Bromberg, announced Friday afternoon that all 31 locations across Southern New England will be closing by the end of 2017 after 93 years in business.

“The way the numbers added up and the way the future looked to us, the decision was unavoidable,” Bromberg said, citing retirement and changing retail habits as the reasons for the closure.

The closure will impact 715 employees, including 386 full-timers and 329 part-time staff members.

But now a Cambridge man, listed as “William B” on, wants Amazon to step in.

“Where can you buy some tires, Twizzlers, a bike, a rice cooker and t-shirt? Some might answer Amazon and they'd be correct, but before Amazon there was Benny's. A wonderful store that has just about everything you could need in a small space with friendly service and quality products,” the post noted.

William B went on to say that he wants “Amazon buy Benny's and keep the stores open but keep them exactly as they are for the most part. This way everyone can keep their jobs and Amazon will have new physical locations to sell products at (could be great for "Amazon Basics" products).”

As of 6:20 p.m. on Thursday, the petition garnered 335 signatures, with a goal of 500.

But by 11:30 p.m., the goal increased to 1,500, with more than 1,340 signatures.

Several people also commented on the post, showing their support.

“I don't want to see over 700 people lose their jobs,” Annmarie Therriault of Coventry wrote. “I own my own small local business and the internet is killing the economy and putting people out of work.”

Others shared similar sentiments.

“I LOVE BENNY'S!!!! One of the best retail stores around...wish we had more of them in Massachusetts,” Gale Golden of Marlborough wrote.

Benny's has stores in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

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