Man talks about wrong-way crash that injured fiancee

Samantha Kennelly and Scarlett (Family photo)

The fiance of a woman who was injured in a wrong-way crash on Interstate 295 said Friday that she is in a lot pain.

David Keenoy said a car driven by his fiancee, Samantha Kennelly, 27, was struck head-on in the northbound lanes in Johnston at about 7:45 p.m. Thursday.

Police said the man who struck her was arrested on drunken driving charges.

Kennelly is recuperating at Rhode Island Hospital.

Keenoy said during a live interview on NBC 10 News Sunrise that he got a call from the Johnston Fire Department 20 to 30 minutes after she left to go to her mother's.

"Mr. Keenoy, your fiancee has been in an accident. It's not horrible. She's alive. She's responsive," Keenoy said police told him.

Keenoy said Kennelly is sedated and that she's in a lot of pain. She suffered a concussion.

The couple's toy poodle, Scarlett, could not be found after the crash, but was located Friday afternoon.

Before Kennelly was pulled out of the car by two good Samaritans, she had enough energy to call her sister and leave a barely audible message.

"I just listened to a message with my fiancee who called my sister-in-law -- in the car -- and you could hear all the commotion and my dog yapping," Keenoy said.

Police said the driver of the pickup truck that struck Kennelly, 57-year-old Robert Allyn Jr. of Johnston, was charged with driving under the influence and driving so as to endanger, resulting in personal injury.

Lt. Alfredo Ruggierio of the state police said investigators believe the driver's speed was significantly slowed when he crossed the center median, which could have saved Kennelly's life.

Allyn was arraigned at the hospital Thursday night and released on personal recognizance.

His truck caught fire.

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