Mansfield Xtra Mart robber demands cash and cigarettes

Mansfield Xtra Mart robber demands cash and cigarettes. (Photo courtesy Mansfield Police)

Police in Mansfield, Massachusetts are looking for who they call the ‘chain smoking bandit’ who robbed a local convenience store over the weekend.

The robbery happened Sunday evening at the local Xtra Mart.

Investigators say the robber told the clerk to “push the button and give me the money.”

Police say the female clerk originally thought it may have been a prank by a friend.

But once the robber said “do you want to die?” the clerk realized this was no joke.

Police say the suspect gestured to his waistband to make her believe he had a weapon of some kind and would do her harm.

After depleting the drawer of its contents, $190.00 in small bills, the man demanded ten packs of Marlboro cigarettes and fled the store on foot.

Police say the suspect is described as a white male, a little over 5'6", approximately 40 years-old with green/blue eyes.

If you recognize this man, contact Det. David Kerr at 508-261-7301.

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