Jose forces New Bedford fishing fleet to stay in port

A fishing boat is tied up in New Bedford harbor. Rough seas caused by Hurricane Jose are keeping the fleet in port. (WJAR)

The incoming storm has essentially shut down the fishing industry in New Bedford for at least a day or two.

Fishermen are not taking any chances with Jose, and it appeared that nobody was heading out onto the water Tuesday morning.

Tony Soares, who works for Carlos Seafood, spent the past 24 hours overseeing the massive effort of tying up and securing almost 40 fishing vessels in the Port of New Bedford

“I call everybody [and] make sure everybody tied the boats,” said Soares, who was checking the lines by hand around 6 a.m. Tuesday.

Commercial fisherman will ride out the storm in the relative safety of the port but they acknowledge it only takes one loose knot and one gust of wind to cause a disaster.

“A lot of damage to the boats [and] to the harbor if the boat sinks,” said Benny Pereira who also works for Carlos Seafood.

Pereira added the company is monitoring the storm but is unsure when the boats will return to the water.

It's not just commercial fisherman that are being impacted by this storm. The ferry between New Bedford and Martha's Vineyard is canceled for Wednesday and Thursday because of Jose. The Block Island Ferry also suspended service Tuesday.

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