New store: Dunkin', just Dunkin'

The company that owns Dunkin' Donuts is shortening the name in a test at a new store in Boston. (WBTS)

The company that owns Dunkin' Donuts is opening a new store in Boston that will test a shortened name.

The sign says, simply, Dunkin'. But the "DD" logo still appears on the awning.

The Boston Herald reported that the Dunkin' store is on Tremont Street across from the Boston Common.

The short name also appears on stores in Quincy, Massachusetts, and Pasadena, California.

Canton-based Dunkin' Brands Group is testing the abbreviated name as a way to emphasize that it sells more than doughnuts.

A spokeswoman told the Herald that the company won't make any final decisions about branding until late next year.

She said no other stores in New England will be part of the test.

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