Petition started to remove controversial sculpture

(New Bedford)—A nine foot sculpture of a seagull with women’s breast is causing controversy in the city of New Bedford and has resulted in an online petition asking the city to remove the 500lb structure.

New Bedford resident Raymond Concannon started the petition once he learned several residents shared his belief that the statue was “ridiculous” and “ugly”.

“I’m really not offended I just think it’s bad art,” said Concannon. “I don’t think the city should be modeling this as representative of New Bedford.”

Currently Concannon’s petition has 385 signatures to remove the statue from the busy intersection of Elm Street and Route 18 where it currently stands.

The sculpture named “Seagull Cinderella” and was created by artist Donna Dodson who is based out of Boston.

“All my figures have female bodies,” said Dodson. “There’s nothing tasteless about it. It’s meant to really challenge the idea that women are used as sex objects.”

Seagull Cinderella is one of 13 temporary sculptures installed along the city’s waterfront as part of the “New Bedford Seaport Art Walk”.

Dagny Ashley, the director of tourism and marking for New Bedford, told NBC10 the Art Walk was sponsored by several public and private groups along with donations. Adding that, “The local art community has been working hard to find ways to increase displays of public art and the Seaport Art Walk is an important part of that effort.”

Jessica Bregoli, the curator of the Art Walk, said it cost $2,000 to bring Seagull Cinderella to New Bedford and that the sculpture was scheduled to be in the city from June to October 2016.

Bregoli added that she hopes all the controversy around Seagull Cinderella will bring more art buyers and art enthusiast to New Bedford.

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