Police seeking information about Providence hit-and-run

Surveillance video footage shows the headlights of a car approaching a parked SUV before it slams directly into the parked vehicle.

Most weekends, Bridge Street in Providence is packed with cars coming and going at all hours after popular watering holes like the Whiskey Republic and Tel Aviv close down.

Kyla Krasnianski's white Ford SUV was parked along the street on Sept. 1 while she and her sister spent the night on their boat in the nearby harbor. When she woke up the next morning, she noticed damage to the back of her car, and had no idea how it got there.

"I wouldn't know anything other than my car was hit if I didn't have some sort of video image," Krasnianski told NBC 10 News.

She was able to see surveillance video footage of the incident from the Whiskey Republic and what she saw was shocking. The video shows the empty street other than her car parked legally along the curb. It then shows the headlights of another vehicle approaching her SUV. The other car didn't seem to slow down before it slammed directly into Krasnianski's parked vehicle.

She told NBC 10 that her car starts, but she doesn't want to try to drive it. It has significant damage to the bumper, and a look underneath shows the muffler pipe has broken off while the muffler is badly dented.

Later in the video, Krasnianski says the driver of the suspect vehicle gets out of the car and makes a phone call. About 10 minutes after that, another vehicle shows up to pick up the caller, who Krasnianski describes as a female. Another person gets out of that vehicle and gets into the suspect vehicle to drive it away. The driver of the suspect vehicle gets into the second car that pulled up and is driven from the scene.

The suspect vehicle may be an older model Hyundai sedan. It will have significant front end damage including damage to its headlights.

If you have information that could help the investigation, contact Providence police.

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