Police: Person of interest in string of robberies at police station

A string of robberies across Rhode Island and Massachusetts are connected, according to authorities. (Surveillance photo)

Authorities told NBC 10 News that a person of interest in a string of robberies across Rhode Island and Massachusetts was at Taunton police headquarters Thursday night.

Taunton police say a suspect they have in custody is scheduled to appear in a Taunton courtroom on Friday.

About six officers from Rhode Island were also seen leaving the station around 11:30 p.m.

Earlier that day, Lt. Raymond Blinn of the East Providence Police Department told NBC 10 News that based on surveillance footage, police believe at least four robberies are connected.

“Their actions. Their clothing. The way they operate -- these are all things that have been similar in each of the robberies,” Blinn said.

The latest robbery occurred Thursday morning at a CVS in Taunton.

Surveillance video shows the men robbing the Town Wine and Spirits store in East Providence Saturday night. On their way out, one of the suspects runs back inside and stabs a customer, who tried hitting him with a bottle.

“We are concerned of the fact in the East Providence one, they didn’t hesitate to stab a 68-year old man,” Blinn said.

The two suspects also robbed the Seasons Corner Market in Raynham. Footage shows one of the men jump over the counter and then take off with the cash register.

“It’s terrible. And between the two I mean Raynham, Taunton and then going Pawtucket, East Providence,” Alice Fromich of Pawtucket said. “I mean, where are these guys from, right?”

While authorities don’t have much of a description of the suspects, they said they are young and light skinned.

Meanwhile, the man who was stabbed has been released from the hospital.

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