Puppy stolen in East Providence reunited with family

A puppy that was stolen out of an East Providence backyard has been reunited with its family. (Police photo)

An East Providence family is whole again after its stolen puppy was found and returned.

It's all because of a keen-eyed witness and a story that aired on NBC 10 News.

Renesmee is a four month old black lab-mix puppy that was stolen out of the backyard of the DeBrito family on Summit Street in East Providence at about 8:30 Monday morning.

A man living in the home saw the suspect walk up the driveway and into the backyard before going outside to confront him. The suspect grabbed the dog and walked away.

"Someone in broad daylight just going into someone's yard -- their backyard at that -- and just taking the dog is just not common at all," said East Providence Animal Control Officer William Muggle.

The family turned to NBC 10 to tell their story and share pictures of the puppy with the public. The black dog with white paws and chest has one blue eye and one brown eye.

Then, two good Samaritans saw the puppy walking alone along Waterman Avenue in East Providence near Hicks Street Wednesday. They were able to pick it up and deliver it to authorities. After animal control checked the puppy out, she was headed home.

“I’m just so happy I got her back," said owner Isabel DeBrito. "I just wanted her back.”

Her 12-year-old daughter, Jade, shared similar sentiments.

“I’m so filled with joy and I’m just happy that she’s back," Jade said. “I want to say thank you to the people who found her and were doing everything they could to find her because it really meant a lot to me.”

Police said they have a suspect in mind based on the description of that eyewitness. He is thought to be in his 20s with reddish-blonde hair. The police have not yet brought him in for questioning.

Still, the family said it will pursue charges in the case.

“Just because you have the dog, don’t say, ‘Oh forget about it,'" Isabel said. "You prosecute. Just so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

“If you were in that situation, how would feel if someone took your dog?” asked Jade.

Officials said the suspect could face larceny charges for stealing the dog out of the family's yard, as well as abandonment charges for leaving the dog on the side of the road.

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