Rhode Islanders react to unrest in Virginia

Rhode Islanders react to unrest in Va..JPG

Politicians and the public are condemning the events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Senators Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse released statements as the violence unfolded.

"The hatred and violence we are seeing in Charlottesville is shameful. Our unity will overcome this bigotry," Whitehouse said.

Reed also shared a message.

"The surest way to defeat this type of bigotry and hateful ideology is to stand up against discrimination and prejudice in all its forms and strive for true equality."

People at Foo Fest in downtown Providence also opened up discussion on the unrest. Some people spoke on stage about spreading peace.

NBC 10 has learned Rhode Islanders traveled to Charlottesville ahead of the weekend's planned events. According to a local union member, the travelers plan to return to Rhode Island Monday and hope to hold a vigil next week.

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