RI native shares video, photo of Houston flooding

Jacqueline Champagne, a Rhode Island woman who's now living in Houston, shared a photo and some video that shows the extent of the flooding in Houston. 

A Rhode Island woman who's now living in Houston shared some video that shows the extent of the flooding in Houston.

Jacqueline Champagne said the video was shot Sunday afternoon from her high-rise apartment on the 22nd floor of a high-rise just outside of downtown.

Extensive flooding "looks like an ocean," she says on the video.

Champagne, who spoke with NBC 10 News on Monday afternoon, said she has enough food and water, and that her power is still on.

Still, seeing most of the city under water is daunting.

“It’s sad to see -- the devastation,” she said. “As far as you look, there's water where there shouldn't be water.”

Champagne said her family moved to Houston about a year ago from East Greenwich. They waited out Harvey in their apartment.

“It was, like, non-stop rain,” Champagne said. “Saturday night was when all the flooding really occurred. There was, like, five inches an hour overnight. Just non-stop. I've never seen anything like it. And the lightning and thunder were like the horror movies.”

In the video, water surrounds much of her building below.

“We're somewhat stuck here,” she said. “We can't really maneuver around because the roads are still all blocked.

But Champagne’s building still has power and water -- and she said they are well stocked.

“Other people are not so lucky,” she said. “There are people everywhere going ot all these shelters, being evacuated. My coworkers, two of them, their houses got flooded and they have to evacuate. It's very sad.”

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